Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Martin Luther: The First Rebel

Thanks for your patience during our move - we're slowly getting back into blogginG mode. Aaron Job has not stopped drawing though! We've got plenty of stuff to scan, upload & blog about.
But for now, in honor of tomorrow's great day:
October 31, 1517

Drawn for Reformation Celebration in 2006 - 6 yrs old.

*From the looks of the door, Luther was from the South.


Anonymous said...

Man I have really missed your drawings Aaron Job.
Very nice, I almost forgot how good of an artist you were.

You know you still have not drawn a picture of an aye-aye for me yet.
If you get the time I would love to see an aye-aye from Madagascar.


iamchief said...

Actually, I've seen a new issue of Aaron Job's self-created "Jungle Life" magazine featuring the Aye-Aye. I'll have to dig it up and post it for you Zach.