Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Untitled Story | 1 | The Begining

Once upon a time, in a place called Bambrosia, there was a certain school that taught kids about swords. If you are a boy who likes weapons, like my friend Spencer, this book is for you. If you ar a girl who doesn't like weapons, like my sister Abby, this book is not for you.

Important things were happening in this school in the base ment, where kids are not allowed down there for many reasons:

1. It is home to Boggarts and Ghouls who only eat children.
2. It's extremely dark down there.
3. You do not want to know what else is down there.

The two adults were arguing over something (as most adults do) and got in a fight. It happened that one used the legendary golden sword and the other used two katanas. The [one] who used the gold sword was named Dumblore, and the other named Skullton. Skullton knocked Dumblore down a secret passage known only by teachers. In the room there was a bridge that led to a huge pillar one could stand on.

The fight led onto the pillar. soon Dumblore had the upper hand. He knocked Skullton to the ground. "Please, you don't know the power of that..." Skullton never finished his sentence. But what Skullton said, or was going to say was too true. Dumblore did not know the power of that sword.

The silent night was broken by mysterious crying. "Only a banshee," said Dumblore to himself. But it was not only a banshee. On the steps of Frogwarts (for that was the name of the school) laid a baby wrapped in swaddeling cloths. Dumblore picked him up and carried him inside.

Meanwhile, some more things were happening in the basement. Skullton had changed. He was alive! He looked at his hands. They were bones! He was a skeleton! He pulled back his robe and looked in his rib cage. (I won't tell you what was inside or else the grownups will not let you read this.) He looked down below. The giant shark was in the pool as usual. Skullton took the gold sword, figured out he could fly, and flew out into the night!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The World of Silverstone

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Who knows how many great novels are lying unfinished in the drawers of wanna-be writers all across the land. I hope that won't be true with my son. But just in case... I've posted the first chapter of his latest novel: The World of Silverstone. If he doesn't finish, at least you'll have the first few pages.

Below you'll find the table of contents, promising 15 chapters - and a map, as well as character sketches (both illustrative on the cover & biographical after the contents). Enjoy!

The World of Silverstone
by Aaron Job Wilson
(click to enlarge any image)