Monday, January 29, 2007

Math is Fun!

2 Action Men minus 1 Nemo Guy equals...

John Travolta IS Action Man!

So do we encourage him, or what?

Good thing his teacher likes him.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jungle Life - Volume 1. Issue 1.

Well, Aaron Job didn't want to let one of his fans down, so here's the first (and perhaps last) issue of Jungle Life - Jungle Jim and Friends.

Well, still no ape.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: in case you're wondering if Jungle Jim is blind or something...
that's a chimp beside him, not an ape.)
Look! A Codra!


The ape!



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jungle Life

This was a "NEW" magazine concept Aaron Job came up with - possibly inspired by his subscriptions to this or this.

However, it never made it past the cover.

Jungle Life with Jungle Jim and Frie-

Comics and More!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Veggin' Out

Anybody remember Mrs. Polly's Paint Box? You know, Cecil the Cat...PBS show...she teaches you how to draw?


Well I do. I remember when I would get to stay home from school when sick, sit in bed and this show would come on during the morning. I would get my pencils & drawing paper and learn from the pros.

The following drawings were a result of Aaron Job sitting in our bed (he wasn't sick though) and watching this video (pictured at right and ON SALE right now for $4.95!!). He watched & learned from the Veggie artists just as I used to watch Mrs. Polly almost thirty years ago.

I added the color to them, and adjusted the contrast a bit so you could better see the lines.

Bob the Tomato

Madame Blueberry

Um...uh...the pea guys or maybe idea ??

(pardon the pun)

Carrots... in Perspective

Correction: One carrot in perspective...the guy up front is Jr. Asparagus. I should've known by the "do".

Jimmy and Jerry

And my personal favorite - Mr. Lundt!! Here, playing the role of Haman. Personally, I happen to like his role as one of "the pirates who don't do anything." Favorite lines: "You look like Captain Crunch... You're making me hungry."

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Answer to "Guess Who?"

Did you figure out who it was? If you guessed:'d be right! It's Pastor John MacArthur! Aaron Job drew this picture of him last fall when Pastor MacArthur preached at the Bible Church of Little Rock.

Dr. MacArthur is pastor/teacher at Grace Community Church and can be heard daily on the radio broadcast, Grace To You. His ministry of preaching and books have ministered to this family tremendously.

The first correct answer was David "The Thirsty Theologian". He wins the prize - which is a John MacArthur sermon on CD. However, from the looks & links on his blog, I'll be he has every MacArthur sermon already! :o) So David, email me and we'll work something out...maybe I can substitue a Piper CD instead!

There were actually several of you who guessed John MacArthur - despite being tricked by the "younger" hairstyle, as David noted. So, I might just be overly generous and give all the correct answers a MacArthur sermon on CD.

Let's just do that! If you guessed John MacArthur, send me an email with your mailing address & I'll put a cd in the mail to you!

If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can makes you smile, if you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle - Have we got a blog for you! Stay tuned...posting this weekend are Aaron Job's next drawings.

Can you guess what they are?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Guess Who?

Thanks to all the new readers of Aaron Job Draws. We've had a pleasant response & are glad you're enjoying the drawings. From this point on, we'll try to post only one or two drawings each week - unless it's another riveting story like The Haunted House. We wouldn't dare let such anxiety build for that long!

So, to celebrate the first inaugural week of Aaron Job Draws, we're going to have a contest!!

Can you guess

who this well known preacher is?


Leave your name & your guess in the comments section

and we'll reveal the answer and the prize at noon Friday, January 19th.

Monday, January 8, 2007

The Haunted House - Part One

*Click on any image to enlarge.
*When possible, the author's original spelling & grammar will be preserved for authenticity.
**UPDATE 1/20/07: I've re-ordered these five posts, to make it more logical to read from top to bottom - i.e., you no longer have to read from bottom up.

The Haunted House

by Aaron Job

Other Books by Aaron Job

1. The Haunted House

2. The Snow Monster

3. The Monster in the Road.

4. Hiddin Traesure

5. Rescue of the Forest

6. Aleins *NEW*

7. Lake Full of Sea Monsters

8. The Club House

9. Zac's Blending

Now here's the story of three boys. And thair names were Zac, Chet and Nick.

Thair sister was missing. Thay were going to find her.

To be continued...

The Haunted House - Part Two

*Click on any image to enlarge.
*When possible, the author's original spelling & grammar will be preserved for authenticity.

I thank she's at the haunted house next door, said Zac scared.

Maby she is! Said Chet.

Ya thanck so? Asked Zac. Well, let's go! Said Nick. First we'll pack up.

So thay packed up:

1 flashlite

1 Juice pop

and last, but not least, a sord.

Zac didn't know were the backpack was, but Nick showed him.

Is that all? Asked Zac.

Uh hu. Said Chet. It's all we need.

Before thay left, Chet asked, What time is it?

8:30 said Zac.

OK. Now, let's go.

Thair neighbors were scared. Scared of the haunted house.

The boys were not.

Finally, the boys arrived.

Spooky, hu[h]? Said Chet.

Wow, Yah, Spooky. Said Nick.

To be continued...

The Haunted House - Part Three

Zac saw a hill.

I wonder were that hill leads to. He thought.

He [went] up the hill and came down an opening in the hill

He was nearing the ground, when he noticed a little girl.

Maby it was his sister.

She was his sister!

Neither did thay notice a gohst sneaking up on them...BOO!

Before [the] gohst grapped him, he discovered a door. A little door in which a kye was hiddin.

Zac openend the door and found the kye!

He unlocket the door that led right outside.

BAM. He closed the door tighly and locked it.

His sister was outside to.

He didn't know the ghost sliped out of the hole in the window.

And again, to be continued (feel the anxiety yet?)...

The Haunted House - Part Four

Continuing in our 5 part series of installments of "The Haunted House", by Aaron Job...

Suddenly Zac heard a noise.

OO - OO - OO - OO.

AAAAAAH! He cried! It was the ghost!

Hey! Chet Nick! Help! He yelled.

Oh, uh, Zac! We'r, uh, glad your back.

Look behind me! Zac said.

AAAAAAAAAH! All four shouted.

To be continued (last time, I promise)...

The Haunted House - Part Five

Here, at last, is the final segment in the 5 part series "The Haunted House" by Aaron Job

Yikes! Yelled Chet. He was so scared. He fell over.

As soon as he touched the ground, a smell sprayed out of a bottle in the back of the backpack.
It was strong in the air.

The smell was so strog, it made the ghost disapier.

The boys were heroes. Everybody was safe.

Thay saw that it was perfume that had made the smell.

Thancks to the perfume nothing was left of the haunted house.


Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Nativity

by Aaron Job Wilson, December 2006
<Click on the photo to enlarge>

Detail of Mary's Face