Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mater and the Ghostlight

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen this Pixar "special feature" on the Pixar Cars DVD, then you'd better not read on, the secret of the Ghost Light will be revealed!
For the rest of you, as promised...

"Mater and the Ghost Light"
by Aaron Job
from Disney Pixar Cars
based on the movie Cars

One night in Radiator Springs,

Mater was playing tricks on the other cars.

First, he used his hook to pull away the flowers Red was watering.

Next, he jumped out of a pile of tires,

and Luigi and Guido fell over!

Then, Mater snuck up on Lizzy, who would not wake up

when he was being silly.

Then he snuk outside with a cone on his head.

Then he jumped up and showed

his "conse".

And then, when Fillmore took away one can of gas,
Mater added one.

The last trick happend at Flo's Cafe.

Mater jumped out of a pile of cans.

Then he said to McQueen:

Tonight we're going to see the Ghost Light"

Mater! Said Sherif. Don't talk about the Ghost Light to him!

What is the Ghost Light? McQueen asked.

The Ghost Light, said Sherif, is a glowing oar"

He drove around while he was saying this.

And the only thing that angers it the most, is clanging of metel.

Everyone was not scared exsept Mater.

He was scared.

And when you go home, Sherif was saying,

keep an eye out for the Ghost Light. It could be any ware, he said.

Well, goodnight.

Good night. Mater mumbled.

He drove home. One of his lights fell off and it was his last one.

When the door of Mater's house came down, it fell down.

Then he saw a light.

Help the Ghost Light! He yelled.

Then he noticed that it was a lightning bug.

Then Mater saw another light.
Ahhhhh! The Ghost Light! He shouted.
McQueen and Guido looked at each other and smiled.

Ahhhhh! The Ghost Light!

It's in front of me! Yelled Mater.

He was not seeing that it was a lantern.

Finally, Mater stoped for a rest.

Then he noticed the lantern.

Hey, he said, that's no Ghost Light! It's a lantern!

He added.

Just then Doc and Sherif and the other cars arrived.

Mater, said Sherif, the only thing you need to be afraid of

is your imagination.

Yah, said Doc. And the Screaming Banshee.

Well good night.

Thay all went home.

The Screaming what? Wondered Mater.

With a Big, Big, Big monster truck behind him,

he said you'd better run

a Screaming Banshee could be anyware.


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