Sunday, March 18, 2007

CBD Fun!

This post will be the first in a new category called "CBD Fun!". Aaron Job has been drawing these comics for quite a while now, and I wasn't sure if he was copying from the Sunday Comics or from a cartoon in some of his magazines. I finally asked him if he made it up and he said, "yes". Then I asked what "CBD" stood for.

"It stands for CRACKS BY DAD," he answered.
"Cracks?" I questioned.
"Yeah cracks. You know - jokes."
"Oh! I get it - cool. So... am I the dad in the comic?" I asked proudly.

Allow me to introduce the first release of CBD Fun!

"Spy's in the Bushes!"

Why are we doing this?
You'll see.

What do you see?

I see... a rober.


Nobody is looking. I'll go in through the back door.

Or... maybe... not.

Uh - oh.


Roof! Roof!

I give you this medel because you scared away the robber.

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