Thursday, May 6, 2010

The World of Silverstone

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Who knows how many great novels are lying unfinished in the drawers of wanna-be writers all across the land. I hope that won't be true with my son. But just in case... I've posted the first chapter of his latest novel: The World of Silverstone. If he doesn't finish, at least you'll have the first few pages.

Below you'll find the table of contents, promising 15 chapters - and a map, as well as character sketches (both illustrative on the cover & biographical after the contents). Enjoy!

The World of Silverstone
by Aaron Job Wilson
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David Kjos said...

Looks good. Thanks for the warning of impending romance.

Brian Ashmore said...

Hi, Aaron Job,

I've had a blast looking at all of your wonderful drawings and stories!! I really enjoyed reading the World of Silverstone, so far. I especially like the cover with all the fantastic detail on the uniforms, armor, and flags. I also enjoyed your epic war scenes with all the detail. I can really tell that you spent quite a bit of time planning and drawing those. Your Bible drawings and writings are amazing, too.

Keep up the great work!!!

Best Wishes,

Brian Ashmore