Saturday, January 20, 2007

Veggin' Out

Anybody remember Mrs. Polly's Paint Box? You know, Cecil the Cat...PBS show...she teaches you how to draw?


Well I do. I remember when I would get to stay home from school when sick, sit in bed and this show would come on during the morning. I would get my pencils & drawing paper and learn from the pros.

The following drawings were a result of Aaron Job sitting in our bed (he wasn't sick though) and watching this video (pictured at right and ON SALE right now for $4.95!!). He watched & learned from the Veggie artists just as I used to watch Mrs. Polly almost thirty years ago.

I added the color to them, and adjusted the contrast a bit so you could better see the lines.

Bob the Tomato

Madame Blueberry

Um...uh...the pea guys or maybe idea ??

(pardon the pun)

Carrots... in Perspective

Correction: One carrot in perspective...the guy up front is Jr. Asparagus. I should've known by the "do".

Jimmy and Jerry

And my personal favorite - Mr. Lundt!! Here, playing the role of Haman. Personally, I happen to like his role as one of "the pirates who don't do anything." Favorite lines: "You look like Captain Crunch... You're making me hungry."


Hannah said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!

Kristina said...

Very cute, and I think that one that looks like peas may very well be the monsters that jumped out of Junior's dresser in Where's God When I'm Scared

iamchief said...

Ah, Kristina...a Veggie officiando! You're right...Aaron Job told me after the post that those were indeed the monsters.

Thanks for stopping by!