Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mood Swings - The Answers

Well - to both of our contestants in the "Mood Swing Contest"...the wait is over. We have a winner! Jen from Joy Thru Christ got 'em all right! Here's the whole set of moods:

And here are Jen's answers:

jen elslager said...
What fun! Here are our answers:

1 confused

2 surprised

3 thinking

4 loving

5 sad

6 mad

7 worried

8 excited

And of course I have to include her extra comment:

You are a very talented young man!

- if she was trying to flatter the artist, it worked! Jen, I'll be contacting you to arrange the prize patrol delivery. Thanks for playing, and thanks to Thirsty Dave, the runner-up, only other one who played! :o)

Coming up this weekend:

The Snow Monster

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jen elslager said...

Oh my! How exciting! Thanks for the fun contest, Aaron!