Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Snow Monster

For those of you who have read Aaron Job's first work of fiction, "The Haunted House", you might remember his list of "other books".
In actuality, he hadn't written any of them at the time "The Haunted House" was published, but he's been working on it. I'm pleased to present book #2 today, featuring our friends Chet, Nick and Zac (and sister, Holly) in ... "The Snow Monster".

The Snow Monster

It was a very snowy day when the boys woke up. The night after thay were so excited about the snow thay couldn't sleep!

We got to tell Holly abuot this! said Chet. (Holly was thier sister). Thay went into her room to wake her up.

Holly, Holly! Nick wispered. We have to show you somthing!

What is it you want to show me? asked Holly. Another of your robots you make out of legos?

No, no, no. Said Nick. It's the day you've been waiting for. He added.
A SNOW DAY! Holly burst out.
Right! He said.

After breakfest, the kids went outside to play. when they went outside they saw a very big pile of snow. And out of that very big pile of snow rose a very big snow monster!

This will keep us safe! Said Nick as he built a snow fort. But the snow monsters foot came crashing to the ground making the snow fort fall apart!

Suddently, Chet popped up with a idea. He got his sling-shot and rock's. He pulled the rubber band back and let go. Over and over he did it until the snow monster was nothing but snow.

The end.


jen elslager said...

Yay, Chet!

Great story and illustrations, Aaron Job!

iamchief said...

Aaron Job's mom here: One detail you readers may not have noticed, that Aaron Job pointed out to me, was the snowball comming down on the "The End" page. I thought that was very cute, er, I mean cool!

Flashfink! said...

It's a good thing they didn't throw snowballs at the monster, because they just would have stuck to it and made it bigger. Being a Canadian, I have experience in these matters.