Sunday, January 14, 2007

Guess Who?

Thanks to all the new readers of Aaron Job Draws. We've had a pleasant response & are glad you're enjoying the drawings. From this point on, we'll try to post only one or two drawings each week - unless it's another riveting story like The Haunted House. We wouldn't dare let such anxiety build for that long!

So, to celebrate the first inaugural week of Aaron Job Draws, we're going to have a contest!!

Can you guess

who this well known preacher is?


Leave your name & your guess in the comments section

and we'll reveal the answer and the prize at noon Friday, January 19th.


Anonymous said...

I guess John Piper

but if I was allowed a second guess I might go with your pastor Lance


iamchief said...

One entry per household please. :o)
We'll let "John Piper" be your official guess.

ThirstyDavid said...

John MacArthur. Going by the hair, I'd say a younger John MacArthur.

Hannah said...

I would say John MacArthur too.

Amanda (De-Da) said...

I was thinking Sonny Harvison - but I dont guess he is well known. Anyway, thats who it reminds me of.

petunia said...

John MacArthur - it really looks like him!

Anita said...

Thanks Petunia for the comment! How'd you hear about "Aaron Job Draws?"