Monday, January 8, 2007

The Haunted House - Part One

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**UPDATE 1/20/07: I've re-ordered these five posts, to make it more logical to read from top to bottom - i.e., you no longer have to read from bottom up.

The Haunted House

by Aaron Job

Other Books by Aaron Job

1. The Haunted House

2. The Snow Monster

3. The Monster in the Road.

4. Hiddin Traesure

5. Rescue of the Forest

6. Aleins *NEW*

7. Lake Full of Sea Monsters

8. The Club House

9. Zac's Blending

Now here's the story of three boys. And thair names were Zac, Chet and Nick.

Thair sister was missing. Thay were going to find her.

To be continued...

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