Monday, January 8, 2007

The Haunted House - Part Two

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I thank she's at the haunted house next door, said Zac scared.

Maby she is! Said Chet.

Ya thanck so? Asked Zac. Well, let's go! Said Nick. First we'll pack up.

So thay packed up:

1 flashlite

1 Juice pop

and last, but not least, a sord.

Zac didn't know were the backpack was, but Nick showed him.

Is that all? Asked Zac.

Uh hu. Said Chet. It's all we need.

Before thay left, Chet asked, What time is it?

8:30 said Zac.

OK. Now, let's go.

Thair neighbors were scared. Scared of the haunted house.

The boys were not.

Finally, the boys arrived.

Spooky, hu[h]? Said Chet.

Wow, Yah, Spooky. Said Nick.

To be continued...

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