Monday, January 8, 2007

The Haunted House - Part Three

Zac saw a hill.

I wonder were that hill leads to. He thought.

He [went] up the hill and came down an opening in the hill

He was nearing the ground, when he noticed a little girl.

Maby it was his sister.

She was his sister!

Neither did thay notice a gohst sneaking up on them...BOO!

Before [the] gohst grapped him, he discovered a door. A little door in which a kye was hiddin.

Zac openend the door and found the kye!

He unlocket the door that led right outside.

BAM. He closed the door tighly and locked it.

His sister was outside to.

He didn't know the ghost sliped out of the hole in the window.

And again, to be continued (feel the anxiety yet?)...


Hugh said...

I can't wait to find out what happens to these three guys and the one sister. Your drawings are very expressive and you can see the characters' personality through them.

Aaron Job said...

Thank you for saying that. I like my pictures too.

Aaron Job
ps: I'll draw some more.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am sitting on the edge of my seat right now. I just don't think I can go to the next part b/c that gohst really has me worried!!

Hey by the way, where did you come up with the name Zac? Is this story based on anyone you know?